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A special activity for Hanukkah is to find the ingredients of the secret donut recipe in the field, with the help of a variety of interactive visual technologies that present the game tasks and code boxes where the ingredients of the recipe are stored.

You  have to make your way through the plot paths of the story, in order to succeed in cracking the tasks and finding the recipe for the winning donut in time

Among the tasks:

Assembling a Meir puzzle, assembling cubes of the words of a well-known Hanukkah song, photographing with kitchen utensils the winning recipe, a performance with a clip related to Hanukkah and more...

פעילות מיוחדת לחנוכה 

משך הפעילות כשעה

70 ₪ כרטיס למשתתף

לפעילות זאת קיים גם פורמט של משחק דיגיטלי להפעלה עצמאית - לחצו לפרטים

לפרטים נוספים חייגו - דורון 0504066800

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