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הנה 4 המוצרים המובילים שלנו:
למוצרים אלו יש גרסה של פעילות אקטיבית מודרכת אצלכם או גם גרסה של משחק דיגיטלי למשפחות העובדים שניתן לשחק מהבית

(בגלילה להמשך הדף יש את כל סל המוצרים)

מדינה בסרט

               אתם הבמאים,        

                הצלמים והשחקנים

                במשחק מהסרטים.

                קווסט-אקשן של

                סרטים ישראליים

A star for one evening

Stroll by lantern light

    A night adventure with stargazing, night stories and illuminating surprises 

Spy style 007

                  Following Eli Cohen's story,

                 Suitable for MabugRhyme, teenagers

                     and families with loving children

                    Activate thinking outside the box.


מרימים ת'מסכה

            מישהו הרים את המסכה 

           של פורים... בואו לייצר

           בלאגן שמח ולפתור

           חידות היתוליות... כל

           הדרך כדי להשיב אותה

You are about to be exposed to a secret from the variety of game plots that has been kept for years and is buried somewhere around the country or in your yard and you have been chosen to reveal it. The characters of the plot of the game put on different costumes. Any figure, any object and any sign can provide you with a clue. The clues are all around you and you play on creativity and team thinking

You have a limited time to crack the code and solve the mystery

The activities come in different degrees of difficulty for adults or the whole family

(The activities can reach any desired area (including the yard/office rooms of your workplace

 Or in an interactive operation by remote control from the participants' homes

For all activities it is possible to produce physical play sets (in the style of "escape boxes" with locks) that include components and accessories related to the activity and which will be sent ahead of time to the participants (the sets can be branded with the logo of the participating company

Our activity specifications for download

The taste, aroma and mystery of the treasure hunters of yesteryear are cooked by us with the cool and technology of today, all over the country.

 Click on the desired activity to download the activity specification to your computer 

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