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The taste, aroma and mystery of the treasure hunters of the past are cooked for me with the playfulness and cool technology of today and wink at AI-based games that allow you not only to play but also to influence the design environment of the historical story of the plot of the game.

Come and pick the fruits of my private dream that has been in the air for 23 years and in which I bring you the plot of outdoor games and content productions in digital format.

You are invited to enjoy the originality and creativity with which I build for you experiential content solutions adapted and based on historical, human and natural data, all over the country and who also know how to "tailor" especially to the data of the participants:

Couples and families as prepared activities and also as activities specially adapted to mark your private event

Groups of workplace teams as a content activity with the added value of challenge, team thinking and formation.

​ There is something to be expected because these days I am adapting my digital games to additional languages that will allow players from all over the world to participate in a game experience independently in the field itself or by "remote control" from the living room and looking to the future the product will be integrated as part of a tourist activity in every place in the world and will be a refreshing and surprising addition of content for a honeymoon, a family trip, a professional conference or a trip for the company or the guys in any country and in any language.

You are invited to wander around the website and pick the experience that suits you.

I am waiting for you with a special experience where your treasure and my creativity will meet,

Doron Shamir.



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You have a limited time to solve the mystery.

Nature is the setting, the clues are waiting for you around and the most fun - every place has its own story

הפעילות מתאימה לכל מרחב החל מיער, פארק ועד למקומות סגורים.

כל "חדר משחק" מסומן בשטח באמצעות דגל ותיבת מטמון קטנה.

במרחב טמונים רמזים, אותם יש לאתר ולפענח כדי להשיג בסיום את קוד המנעול לפתיחת תיבת המטמון.

So, how does it work ?

  1. The characters of the game's plot accompany you "online" during the game.          

  2. You use your smartphones on the game platform that manages the tasks for you.

  3. Among the tasks are also: assembling a puzzle, viewing in VR glasses, photographing in front of a green fabric screen that reveals the clue and more...

  4. Treasure chests locked with a digital lock - hidden in the contents of hints and additional tasks..

  5. By collecting and deciphering all the clues succeed in assembling the decryption code

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