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The activity takes place this weekend

A hot escape space for the whole family in Avital Volcanic Park

A hundred thousand years have passed since the Avital volcano recently erupted, but geologist Dr. Toph has a very contemporary problem, she sent her research assistants - "Bish" and "Magma" - to look for volcanic drops and they got lost, perhaps simply because there are 63 mountains A fire in the Golan and they didn't know which one he meant. You are called to flag, to help Doctor Toph search for "Bish" and "Magma" and since there are 63 volcanoes in the Golan, you get 63 minutes to decipher the mystery, before the volcano erupts!

The activity is intended for the whole family

takes place During Passover 21.4-27.4 at the crater of Bental Volcano

50NIS per participant (age 6 and up) 200NIS for a family (up to 6 people)

pay attention! The activity takes place in the crater of Bental Volcano

צרו קשר
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