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You guys are crazyPick up the place to run away from


Escape space in the field

from -        

You have a limited time to solve the mystery.

Nature is the setting, the clues are waiting for you around

And the most fun - every place has its own story

So, how does it work ?

  1. The characters of the game's plot accompany you "online" during the game.          

  2. Our tablets or your smartphones run the game application that manages the tasks for you.

  3. Among the tasks are also: assembling a puzzle, viewing in VR glasses, photographing in front of a green fabric screen that reveals the clue and more...

  4. Treasure chests locked with a digital lock - hidden in the contents of hints and additional tasks..

  5. By collecting and deciphering all the clues succeed in assembling the decryption code

הפעילות בהפסקה
הבריחה ליומלדת שלך
ביש מאגמה בהרי הגעש
מרחב בריחה לכל מקום
שם קוד: האיש שלנו בדמשק
טיול ביער לאור עששיות
"מרחב בריחה ב"יס פלנט
משחקי ניווט עירוניים
צרו קשר
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