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digital games - An experience for the whole family

Playing in the field or at home the real story LIVE

With valuable content adapted to a variety of ages


Digital training at headquarters

Did you get here through the Syrian headquarters?click hereAnd enter a quick digital trainingand interactive On the impressive building in front of you

פרסום הדרכה במפקדה.png2.png

Play in 3 levels of difficulty in the headquarters itself

Click to book the game experience inside the mysterious headquarters rooms

Playing from home?

Choose the desired level of difficulty, sign up for a one-time registration and purchase the participation ticket
All family members join in and contribute their part to play out the plot as one team
You choose when to start the game and the pace of your progress
The price of participation - NIS 90 for one game set suitable for the whole family

Click on the desired difficulty level and you will be taken to the game purchase page




Spying is impossible

A challenging game suitable for participants who like complicated puzzles, overcoming obstacles in an unknown environment and all under time pressure

Spy style 007

A classic game suitable for adults, teenagers and families with children who like to think outside the box and improvise.

Spying is not an anointingk children

A light game suitable as an activityto all the family

At any age, suitable from age 6 to 120

The reality surpasses every carriage 

Following a (real) lost Turkish treasure