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A digital spy game in headquarters rooms

Are you in the Syrian headquarters now? Here you can join a digital game and interactive In the rooms of the impressive building in front of you where you will be challenged with missions from the world of espionage, you will crack codes and Morse codes and more

Choose the desired level of difficulty, sign up for a one-time registration and purchase the participation card

All family members join in and contribute their part to play the plot as one team

You choose when to start the game and the pace of your progress

Click on the desired difficulty level and you will be taken to purchase

Spying is impossible

A challenging game suitable for participants who like complicated puzzles, overcoming obstacles in an unknown environment and all under time pressure


Spy style 007

A classic game suitable for adults, teenagers and families with children who like to think outside the box and improvise.


Spying is not an anointingk children

A light game suitable as an activityto all the family

At any age, suitable from age 6 to 120



More games will be uploaded soon, you are invited to keep in touch with us and be updated through our Facebook

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Common questions

Solve puzzles and tasks and thus advance within the plot of the game and learn through it. 

What do you do in the game?

The game takes place on a completely independent digital platform, so you can start it yourself any day and time of the week!


for everyone! We have experience working with private clients, groups, organizations, schools and more. In addition, the games exist in three different levels of difficulty, so that you can choose the most appropriate level for the group of participants.

Who are the games suitable for?

Choose one of our games, adjust the level of difficulty according to the composition of the participants, make a short registration and payment and start playing! Yes, it's that simple.

How to begin?

Definitely. You can read more about the game in the fieldby clicking here. In addition, a new digital game will soon be launched that includes travel and visits to several places in the game area.

האם המשחק מתקיים בצורה פיזית?

לא מצאתם תשובה לשאלה שלכם? ניתן לפנות אלינו בטלפון 050-406-6800, במייל או בתיבת הפניות באתר

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