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משחקי בריחה בשטח

from -  Time2Escape

You have 60 minutes to solve the mystery.

Nature is the setting,

The clues are waiting for you around

Every place has its own story

We are waiting for you at:

* The Bental volcano from the Golan Heights

* At the Zemach train station

* In KKL forests all over the country

* And... with you at the birthday celebration

ביערות קק"ל

The secret of the lost village

For the first time in Israel, an augmented reality escape game that takes place in forest areas all over the country

Everything turned upside down when one day, "Bomba Trach" decided that the dwarves needed a village head to manage it and who, if not him, is the most suitable for the job. "Rosh Kresh" immediately intervened and claimed that he was the most suitable for the position.

The two quarreled and destroyed everything good that came their way. So much so that the good dwarves had to leave the village. The two did not stopquarrel and finally the mountain shook and they turned to stone!

Where has the key to the life of the village disappeared, with the help of which it is possible to bring back its inhabitants and make the trolls forgive each other, before the mountain swallows the whole village into it and leaves no trace.

תחנת הרכבת ההיסטורית של צמח

ביש מאגמה - הר הגעש

אתגר בריחה לכל המשפחה

בפארק וולקני אביטל

A hundred thousand years have passed since the Avital volcano recently erupted, but geologist Dr. Toph has a very contemporary problem, she sent her research assistants - "Bish" and "Magma" - to look for volcanic drops and they got lost, perhaps simply because there are 63 mountains A fire in the Golan and they didn't know which one he meant. You are called to flag, to help Doctor Toph search for "Bish" and "Magma" and since there are 63 volcanoes in the Golan, you get 63 minutes to solve the mystery, before the volcano erupts!

The activity is intended for the whole family and will operate throughout the week of Pesach 1.4.18-7.4.18, between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

ביש מאגמה פארק וולקני אביטל

המציאות עולה על כל קרון

An escape space for the whole family

At the historical train station of Zemach

You are about to be exposed to a secret that has been kept for a hundred years. A Turkish treasure of gold coin boxes sank in the Sea of Galilee at the end of World War I and you were chosen to find it. Now before the upper level of the Kinneret raises its head, it is time to locate the clues that will lead you to the cracking of the mysterious historical story.

The activity is intended for the whole family and will operate throughout the week of Pesach 1.4.18-5.4.18, between the hours of 10:00 and 17:00

לציון הארוע שלך

Save the celebration crown

Escape game for the whole family

in your celebration yard

You are about to be exposed to a secret kept only for you. The ice princess wants to give you the ice crown in honor of your private birthday, only she forgot to take into account that her ice will melt in the heat of the Israeli land and therefore you were chosen to find her in time, before her ice crown melts. You have 60 minutes to find the clues she left behind.

צרו קשר
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