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On the evening of Friday 7/27, under the night sky of the full moon of Tu Bab, a lunar eclipse will be visible from Israel in all its glory that will last at all hours of the night between 8:15 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. with the peak of the eclipse, for a full hour, between 10:30-11:30 p.m. :30

(Such a total lunar eclipse will be seen in Israel next time only in 2025)

In a rare coincidence, this summer the planet Mars is at its closest proximity to us, once in thirty years, and on this occasion it also turns its bright (reddish) part towards us. On the evening of the eclipse, there will be a very rare meeting in which the moon and the planet Mars will be seen from the earth in the same very close part of the sky, therefore to the observer they will appear very close, and since at the peak of the eclipse the moon takes on a reddish hue, we will be able to see them as two large reddish bodies that will light up the night sky for us.

This is a once-in-thirty-years celestial encounter, and if you don't know where and what you'll be doing in the summer of 2048, you should really book your seats now for the hottest red celestial show that comes once in 30 years  and on July 27th of this year, it will be right here And you don't have to travel to the ends of the earth to experience it.

What will the activity include? 

  • A night lantern tour, on the top of the mountain.

  • Guided observation of the stars using cool technological means, (that evening you can observe the planets Venus, Saturn Jupiter and Mars' almost at a glance),

  • Viewing in VR glasses 3D videos taken on Mars,

  • The flowering of luminous light balloons that will touch the sky and touch (almost) to the moon,

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