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Eli Cohen the 14th was executed in Damascus 55 years ago

You are invited to follow the story and memory ofOur spy in Damascus

*The activity takes place by remote control in which an avatar on our behalf walks between the rooms of the Syrian headquarters building

And you turn it on by remote control

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Specially secret "escape space"

You have 60 + 007 minutes to locate the

"Code Name: Our Man in Damascus"

Following the espionage exploits of the late Eli Cohen, who acted on behalf of the Israeli Mossad

.and passed on valuable intelligence until he was captured and executed in Damascus, Syria

The activity is activated from your living room by remote control

You can choose between 3 levels of difficulty, according to the ages of the participants

 Spies in remote controlat the Syrian headquarters in Quneitra, 

Right in the authentic place where the late Eli Cohen visited during his activity as a spy.

The duration of the activity is an hour +

Price - NIS 75 for a family ticket

Part of the proceeds goes to perpetuate Eli Cohen's memory

Here you can purchase your participation card

 Payment is made with the order *

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צילום מסך ירוק חושף רמז
רב הנסתר מן הגלוי
פענוח בעבודת צוות
בתוככי עולם הצללים
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