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Let's start by dividing into competing squads - each squad moves on foot in the game space, between the game stations, in a different order, according to the order and sequence defined by the game application.


With the help of the game application and satellite location points that will be marked on the field, navigate between the game stations scattered in the space of the playground. At each station you locate a small treasure box locked with a digital lock and perform the task that will give you the code to open the digital lock.

We will continue with the fact that inside each box there is a clue, the clue must be typed in the game application to get the next task and in addition, all the clues must be collected, to solve at the end (only after all the clues have been collected) the decoding code.

Among the tasks: crossing a maze of laser beams that block access to the box, only an efficient and correct passage between the beams will allow access to the box in which one of the clues lies. In another task, you take a picture next to an empty green screen and in return you get the picture back, but instead of a green background you get a picture where the clue is hidden.

In another task, they assemble a large puzzle picture that only when assembled correctly reveals the clue.

And a variety of technological, challenging and team thinking tasks.

In the tasks, photos, anecdotes and videos related to the celebrant will be integrated.

And we will finish with decoding of the end code.

Time2Escape is the celebration code

Escape games in the field

יש לכם 60 דקות לפתור את התעלומה.

הטבע הוא התפאורה, הרמזים מחכים לכם בסביבה והכי כיף - לכל מקום סיפור משלו

The activity is suitable for any space, from a forest, a park to closed places.

Each "game room" is marked in the area with a flag and a small treasure box.

There are clues, which must be found and deciphered in order to obtain the lock code to open the treasure box at the end.

So, how does it work ?

  1. The characters of the game's plot accompany you "online" during the game, using tablets.          

  2. The tablets show you the tasks through the game application.

  3. Smart watches are used to communicate and receive messages during the game.

  4. Video glasses (FPV Googles) – glasses for the eyes of the participants live occurrence of the activity space.

  5. A digital endoscope and a metal detector - will help in locating clues that will lead to the treasure coins.

  6. Treasure chests that are locked with a digital lock - will hide clues and additional tasks in the contents.

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