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An illuminating lantern tour in which we banish the darkness and find the light at the end of the tunnel following a fascinating heroic story whose success brought us a lot of light. The tour takes place every evening during Hanukkah in the building of the Syrian headquarters of the eastern Golan

A family trip by lantern light in a fascinating and mysterious setting 

We will walk through the corridors illuminated with a special light where we will hear a fascinating historical story of heroism that really happened within these walls, we will look at the stars with our eyes and touch enlightening experiences, a trip in the atmosphere and lighting of Hanukkah

 And rest in...Bright surprise!

You can join  On the basis of pre-order only

BEvery evening at 17:00 The duration of the trip is about an hour

Price - NIS 250 family ticket

 לפרטים נוספים חייגו - 0504066800

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