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A game unfolds along the path of Eli Cohen

You can play it as a spy and along the way act in secret missions, join a guided virtual tourInteractive, on the go  Along the Eli Cohen Trail in the Golan

You are invited to join the guided tour here and now

The price of the activity (car game set) - NIS 149 

An order must be made online

andYou will receive the link to enter the game

(You play with your smartphones and your car)

More details at Doron 0504066800

חושף את הקודים VR
צילום מסך ירוק חושף רמז
רב הנסתר מן הגלוי
פענוח בעבודת צוות
בתוככי עולם הצללים
צרו קשר
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