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לכבוד פסח חג החירות אנחנו פותחים לכם צוהר אל עולם הריגול

בעקבות סיפורו של אלי כהן הי"ד שלא זכה לחירות והוצא להורג בדמשק לפני 56 שנים

הנכם מוזמנים לצאת בעקבות סיפורו ולזכרו של המרגל שלנו בדמשק

*הפעילות מתקיימת באויר הפתוח במקום האותנטי של בנין המפקדה הסורית בקוניטרה

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!Trip-game" secret specially"

You must locate the "Code Name: Our Man in Damascus"

Following the espionage exploits of the late Eli Cohen, who acted on behalf of the Israeli Mossad

.and passed on valuable intelligence until he was captured and executed in Damascus, Syria

The activity is suitable for the whole family

You can choose between 3 levels of difficulty, according to the ages of the participants

 Spies BellIn the Syrian headquarters in Quneitra(Don't worry, it's in Israeli territory!),

Right in the authentic place where the late Eli Cohen visited during his activity as a spy.

*The activity takes place on the basis of advance booking only,

Every day between 10:00 and 17:00 (15:00 last entry to the activity)

The duration of the activity is about two hours

  Price per participant 70 NIS / for a nuclear family 250 NIS

Part of the proceeds goes to perpetuate Eli Cohen's memory

*For this activity there is also a format of a digital game for independent operation -The digital game is available for purchase 24/7 and can be played at your home, you decide where and when to play it

Click here  to purchase the digital game

For more details call - 0504066800

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