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 Important update The guided games are back in action, at this point in Herzliya  Click for details and order

To purchase the digital game:

   050-4066800 - WhatsApp שילחו הודעה לדורון ב

עם ציון שמכם ושם המשחק הרצוי, כדי לרכוש את כרטיס ההשתתפות

(להודעות שתתקבלנה אחרי 8 בערב תשלחנה תשובות למחרת בבוקר)


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digital games  -An experience for the whole family
Playing the real story from home
Reflects the Israeli spirit and/or your celebration

in LIVE With valuable content, on a variety of topics, suitable for all ages.

All family members join in and contribute their part to play out the plot as one team
You choose when and where to start the game and the pace of your progress

Choose the desired game, register  and purchased the participation card
(One participation card is suitable for the whole family and you can choose which game to use)

I offer a special price for families who have been evacuated from their homes (please contact me for details)

ריגול סטייל 007

                  בעקבות סיפורו של אלי כהן,

                 מתאים למבוגרים, בני נוער

                     ומשפחות עם ילדים האוהבים

                    להפעיל חשיבה מחוץ לקופסא.


everyNahin the movie

    AAThe directors and actors

      In an action game from the movies, of

        Israeli films from the 75 years of the state 

מרימים ת'ארוע שלכם

משחק תפור במיוחד לארוע שלכם

  עם מוטיבים הקשורים בחוגג/ת, אצלכם בבית, בחצר או בפארק

To join my team of spies, watch the secret code

לחצו PLAY ואקשן מצטרפים לחגיגת הסרטים

​ The recipe is about us, the celebration... is about you

The price for one of the two games: "A country in the movie" or "The code name of our man in Damascus" (the usual price - NIS 140 per game ticket, for the whole family)
Special discount for this period:

For purchase (from a mobile phone only) via paybox:120 NIS to the familyclick here

For orders received after 8 pm, the login links will be sent the next morning

The price for the tailor made game
For buyers using a credit card:

700 NIS  to the family

  For buyers using paybox:

600 NIS  to the family

   050-4066800 - WhatsAppTo purchase the game thatThey will send a message to Doron

With a note of your name and the name of the desired game, to purchase the participation ticket

(For messages received after 8 pm, replies will be sent the next morning)

* By pre-ordering, we can send you a set of boxes and locks, suitable for all games

I also offer the option of pre-purchasing my field activities

,The code name of our man in Damascus" - at the Syrian intelligence headquarters"

, and/or "A star for one evening- Lantern trip in the crater of the Bental volcano

For future redemption for the entire year 2024, buying in advance at a 25% discount

For details please contact us

שאלות נפוצות

Solve puzzles and tasks and thus advance within the plot of the game and learn through it. 

מה עושים במשחק?

המשחק מתקיים בפלטפורמה דיגיטלית עצמאית לגמרי, ככה שניתן להתחיל אותו בעצמכם בכל יום ושעה בשבוע!


for everyone! We have experience working with private clients, groups, organizations, schools and more.

You can also choose a game platform where an unlimited number of teams play simultaneously in a competitive format.

Who are the games suitable for?

Choose one of our games, send a WhatsApp message to Doron 0504066800, make a short registration and payment and start playing! Yes, it's that simple.

How to begin?

Definitely. The origin of the games is actually a game in the fieldby clicking here.  In addition, today it is possible to purchase tickets for a field game at a considerable discount and they can be redeemed during the year 2024

Does the game take place physically?

Didn't find an answer to your question? You can contact us by phone 050-406-6800, by the references box on the site

ציור נפיץ
וישלח אבשלום מרגלים
סוכן כפול
כוכב לערב אחד
מרגל עם מפה
כתיבת קוד
עיתון אלי כהן
צרו קשר
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