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Special activity for Shavuot

The activity takes place in the open area in the shade of the forest trees 

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*The order is for registration purposes only, payment is made upon arrival to the activity

In any payment method (cash/credit/BIT/PAYBOX)

250 NIS for a nuclear family

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A special activity for Shavuot held in the open and less hot air of the northern Golan in a large area, in the shade of a pine forest

Each family sets off at its own pace, equipping itself with a tablet through which the game tasks are given and carried out

The game is in the style of an escape space based on elements of treasure boxes and game accessories scattered in the activity space, together with a variety of visual technologies that present the tasks of the game

You have to make your way through the plot paths of the story in order to succeed in cracking the tasks, finding the winning recipe for the cheesecake and making it

Among the tasks:

Locating the secret ingredients necessary to complete the winning recipe, photographing the winning recipe with magical kitchen tools, performing with an advertising clip selling the cheesecake and more...

A special activity for Shavuot 

The activity takes place on the basis of advance booking only,

between the dates  14-16.5 between the hours of 16:00-19:00 (18:00 last entry to the activity)

The duration of the activity is about an hour

Click here to book a place

  Payment is not made with the order but at the beginning of the activity*


For more details call - Doron 0504066800

צרו קשר
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