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code The 12th of my age

You are welcome to joinTo the decoding team of...
code The 12th of my age!

A travel route to the north while along the way playing missions with the best Israeli songs in the very places where they were created 

Instructions for entering the game system

You can register now, the game system will open on Wednesday evening

*click here To enter the game system, 

*Sign up for the game with your Google account or email account.

*Click on a buttonApproval of the terms of the creator and approved the terms of the game.

*Click on a button Continued.

*In the screen that opens, only one of the members of the color group you belong to is enough

     Alia will click onCreate a group, then choose a name for your group (the name must be

     As creative as possible and related to both the music and the color of the group!) Then he must choose

     A 6-character password and the color of the group. 

*Once one of your team members has created the group, all other team members

      can jointhe same group through the button Join the group  (they

     You need to get the password he created from the group leader so they can join

     for the group).

*The evening before the game, a button will openStart a quest.

*Upon entering the game page, the entry gates appear in the bar below, including:

      Button tasks - Through this button you enter the task system

      and solve the jump mission so that you discover the first station to it

      You have to arrive on the morning of the game

Go on a happy journey...Successfully!

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